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uThin Dash-Mount Display


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Text Box: Features


Text Box: 63-67 Shown

200 Watts

Power Output

Text Box: 68-76 Shown
Text Box: 77-82 Shown

   JVC 12 Disc Changer $320.00

Connects to the KHE-300 Through FM Tuner

AM/FM 53-82
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‘The Corvette Solution’

53-82 Corvette AM/FM Radios

  Corvette Clocks by Roger

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  Fits Without



  Aux Input – Front

     & Rear (ipod, etc.)

u4 AM 12 FM Presets

uSeek Auto Tune

uPreset Scan & Auto Store

uOn/Off Volume Control

uLeft/Right Balance Control

uLCD Display W/Green Back Lighting

u200  Watts Power Output (4 X 50)

uChrome Nose Piece

53-62  $265.00

63-67  $295.00

68-76  $265.00

77-82  $265.00

W/CD Changer  $585.00

W/CD Changer  $615.00

W/CD Changer  $585.00

W/CD Changer  $585.00

uWorld’s Smallest 12-CD  Changer

uMP-3/CD-R/CR-RW Compatible

uFull Floating Mechanism         

uFull Function 10 Key Remote

uManual Up/Down Tuning

uAuto Stereo/Mono

uFront/Rear Fader Control

uSeparate Bass/Treble Control

uAuto  Antenna Power Lead

uAux Input – Front & Rear (ipod, etc.)

uClock Time/ Frequency Selector